Short history and Vision of AiNA soa

Since the first project in 1996 with Mercy Ships, friendly relations with people in Madagascar has been kept. Privately initiated and founded, in cooperation with Malagasy friends, different small projects have been realized. The ongoing support of Malagasy, which is a charitable act, is called Pro Work and it has been a part of the work in Madagascar since the year 2000.

In 2006, a pilot project was carried out with the aim to improving health care in the remote villages of Madagascar. After three years, the pilot project was evaluated. With the lessons learned, a follow-up project was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Ratsimbazafy Marie Rolland from the Institut National de Santé Publique et Communautaire.

To give a legal form to the follow-up project, an association was founded with the name AiNA soa, in Aarau on the 6th November 2011. The ongoing support was entered in the association's activities and is now subject to accounting and auditing.

The first aid training project was launched in Madagascar in January 2013. In the first year the association was registered as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Madagascar. The writing of training materials resulted in two books, each with around 300 pages and 600 pictures. The books contain the same topics but in different levels. They are intended to be used as training tools for the medical personnel in the primary health care centers and Text books for volunteers (community workers) in the villages.

AiNA soa’s goal is to enable people to help themselves and others. At the moment, the focus is in the health sector but it does not exclude in the future interventions in water, food and self-sufficiency. The approach is to empower the locals so that they can help themselves.  

Helping people to help themselves is therefore at the heart of all efforts. 



Radioporträt - AiNA soa Nicole Imboden

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