Short information about the ongoing projects of AiNA soa

First aid project
In 2006, a pilot project was carried out with the aim to improve the health situation in the remote villages of Madagascar. After three years, in 2009, the project was evaluated. The gained understandings were discussed with Dr. Ratsimbazafy Marie Rolland from the Institut National de Santé Publique et Communautaire. 

The goal of the first aid project is to improve the health care situation in the villages through the help of trained volunteers, the community workers. AiNA soa trains the medical staff of the primary health centers so that they can teach the community workers of their area. AiNA soa started in Madagascar on the 1st of January 2013.

In 2013, AiNA soa was registered as NGO in Madagascar and has written training materials. Two books have been created in English and Malagasy: one for the health care workers as a teaching tool and a one book for the community workers as a textbook. In 2014 AiNA soa trained health care workers of the regions Analamanga, Itasy and Vakinankaratra. At the end of the year the intervention was evaluated. In 2015 we adapted the approach and the health care workers received a decree to train the community workers. The intervention of 2015 is managed as a pilot project as we have taken the changes into consideration.

Pro Work
Pro Work is the name AiNA soa is using for the direct financial support of Malagasy who are doing charity work.

Most donors are willing to give to the poor but it is difficult to find support for individuals who are serving the poor. Therefore Pro Work is a tool in which donors can support directly a Malagasy charity worker. AiNA soa is in regular contact with the charity workers and sees that good communication is practiced with the donors. Pro Work has existed since 2000.

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