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Equipping medical students
Finding the right people to work with is key in our work. Paramedic students are such groups, as they will work in public or private health care centers after their studies. The number of paramedics in Madagascar is still low in comparison to the growth of population. According to official statistics, one nurse serves 8500 inhabitants and one midwife for 15000 inhabitants. Most public health centers in the rural areas of Madagascar are held by paramedics. It is not a rare case that they are the only medical personnel there, serving large surrounding communities.

This year, AiNA Soa started to build relationships with private paramedic institutes by meeting with them and explaining our objectives. The Institut Supérieur de Paramédicaux et Promotion de la Santé ISPPS, understood the importance of such knowledge for the future medical professionals. They want to include the teaching about first aid in their training curriculum with AiNA Soa as trainers. The training has started. So far, 4 groups of students and staff from the institute were trained.

Other institutes have also shown interest. It is just the beginning of a new wave of people who will see their motivation to help others reinforced with practical skills.

«This training is a great advantage as it gives me an additional knowledge to what I have learned in my studies. It is something that I can apply everywhere.» Felicienne, nursing student at 3rd year

«People who know first aid can give immediate help in case of incidents like an unconscious person or a bone injury. They will not just stand idly by or run away, like many people do. So it is a very practical help for the society.»
Mme Dina, Staff of the institute

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