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Taking on the spirit of the Barea team
In the midst of the Malagasy people’s challenges, with the uncertainties of what tomorrow will bring in each family and in the national situations, a glimmer of hope was lit. This light was brought by our national soccer team in the last African Cup of Nations. For the first-ever participation of Madagascar in this tournament, the team performed an amazing accomplishment by arriving in the quarter finals. They came first in their group by never being defeated and even won over the giant Nigerian team. This was followed by a victory in the penalty shootout against the Congolese. They lost their last game against Tunisia but they won the hearts of football fans, and were named « the revelation team » of the African Cup 2019.
This exploit of the Barea (the team name meaning wild cows) had a meaningful impact in the Malagasy citizens: it revived hope, restored unity, rebirthed patriotism and taught lessons. People realized that the course of our history can be changed. These players accomplished what no previous team, no church organization, no political leader or institution, no financial assistance has ever accomplished with such impact.
At the root of this success, a few lessons can be learned:

  • They believed in what can be done: Why not Madagascar in the African Cup?
  • They had a good motivation: We will make our people happy and proud of their nation.
  • They had a great attitude: sacrifice, service, unity, hard work

AiNA Soa team is taking on and spreading this Barea spirit in the work with our partners. We challenge them that even though they may not have a national impact, such spirit will make them bring a significant change in their communities.

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