Blog January 2019

Blog January 2019

May each of your day throughout this new year 2019 be filled with good health and fulfilment.

A Malagasy proverb says: « Health is the most important riches ». Given the precarious socio-economic situation in the country, AiNA soa wants to see Malagasy families enjoying this riches. Teaching sessions on health and first aid have taken place in different villages and cities. 

2018 report

Our teams go from village to village to follow up the transmission of the training within the communities. In each village, they work with the local health worker to train the community workers and community leaders. Difficulty of access and increasing insecurity are common challenges in the rural area. 

Last year, our teams made about 9.500 kilometers by car, by motorcycle, by canoe or on foot to reach 43 health centres in the districts of Vangaindrano and Tsiroanomandidy. As results, 523 community workers and 1283 community leaders were trained.  

Two companies have maintained a strong collaboration with AiNA soa in the last few years with regards to delivering first aid training to their employees. They are COLAS, a big French construction company, and LECOFRUIT, an agribusiness company. 

Individuals, schools and different organizations also solicited us. So during last year, we have trained 520 people from private organisations or from their own initiative.

Project evaluation in Alaotra Mangoro

Last October, two representatives of the Ministry of Heath evaluated the work of AiNA soa’s in Alaotra Mangoro, our previous region of intervention.  They visited samples of health centers in the region and asked the health workers and community workers. They observed demonstrations and listened to stories of how community workers intervened in cases like bicycle accidents, burns or unconscious patients. The evaluators were convinced of the relevancy of our first aid project in Madagascar, so they recommended its continuation and scaling. 


Our intervention in the 2 districts (Tsiroanomandidy and Vangaindrano) still continues. We will reinforce the first aid training in the villages with the local health workers and the community workers. Developing partnership with more private organizations like the Scouts is also on the way.

Malagasy people aspire to a better life

After the election and a new president in place, the Malagasy people are expecting to see steps towards development. We need God to sustain peace and bring a real change in the country.


2018 marks the fifth anniversary of AiNA soa. We have gone through challenges and successes. Recently, we faced the death of a great staff, and we saw the return of a former colleague, doctor Mirindra. Our gratefulness goes first to God for His faithfulness, then to our friends and supporters who trust in us.