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Synergy by Cambridge dictionary: “the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately”
The Malagasy ancestors also understood the importance of this social interaction and made it part of their values. Many proverbs illustrate this. Here are a few examples:

  • Many people in unity form a rock but many scattered forces are like sand.
  • A big crowd crossing a river cannot be attacked by crocodiles.
  • Unity is strength.

The work of AiNA soa incarnates this value. Within their community, villagers are encouraged to show mutual help in a practical way. The knowledge about first aid given to them serves for this purpose. In the national and international level, different entities are mobilized to be part of the synergy chain: individuals, churches, community leaders, public workers, organizations, companies.

A new collaboration has started with Symrise, an international producer of flavours and fragrances operating in the North of Madagascar. Training for the boy Scout leaders and the implementation of a volunteer system are in preparation. Working with the health actors in the districts of Tsiroanomandidy and Vangaindrano still continue.

We are deeply grateful for all forms of contribution people have offered to AiNA soa: services like technical assistance and translation, financial or material gifts, prayer, and much more. Each extra-mile people do echoes to the communities we want to reach. It is our hope that our combined small actions will make a huge ripple effect on the national health.

A sharing from Dr Mirindra, a returning collaborator:
It was a surprising fact that I returned to AiNA Soa during a sad and unexpected situation (right at the death of a staff) after 2 years away for personal reasons. Despite all these, God proved that He is the greatest wise organizer and He advised me to come back.

When I arrived in Antananarivo, it came into my mind to return to AiNA Soa. I remember saying before my departure in 2016 that “I will come back”. I was convinced later on that it was not empty words but something which was part of God’s plan.

The team gave me a very warm welcome. It seemed that there was no separation and I seemed to know everyone, even those who came after I left. The improvement in the way of working in the office and during the mission trips also impressed me.

The continuation of AiNA Soa’s work is a proof of God’s unchanging character and provision. The values of the organization are aligned with my personal principles, so being part of this team gives me excitement in helping my fellow country mates.