Blog 49 (23.02.2018)

Blog October 2018

Tribute to a faithful colleague

Life leaves us with uncertainties. Dr Natanaela, one of our training doctors, passed away in a tragic motorbike accident in September. It was unexpected and terribly sad. We have lost a faithful coworker and a godly brother.

Dr Natanaela’s  life has inspired many people. The young doctor had a heart for Madagascar and its population. He used his medical skills wholeheartedly to help the less fortunate fellow countrymen. His growing up in the rural area gave him ideas to develop the Malagasy communities. He was preparing community development programs and was thinking to be involved in politics later on.

At AiNA soa, he will be remembered for his zeal to reach the most remote communities with our first aid training. With our teams, he went from village to village. Sometimes they had to walk the whole day or to be on motorbike ride up to 10 hours to reach the villages. The morning of his death, during our staff meeting, he gave a report of his last trip in the South East of Madagascar. He said : « The trip was tiring, but the results outweighed the difficulties ». He contributed actively in developing the strategy for our work in the regions and often came up with creative ideas.

People knew him as a person who loved God. He was an active member of different Christian groups. Apart from being a good worship leader, he was a man of faith and he boldly shared it. His heart to search God’s will and to obey Him was amazing. Despite difficulties with life, he always kept a positive attitude.

Facing death, difficult questions arise. Many of them might not find their answers during our lifetime. What we are sure of is that Natanaela is gone to be with the Lord whom he loved and followed. The rest of us continue the race, follow the example he has shown and will take the visions he shared as seeds to multiply.