Blog 49 (23.02.2018)

Blog November 2018

Trips to the villages

After a long travel form Antananarivo to Vangaindrano in the South East of Madagascar, Dr Tahiry and a friend who accompanies him meet local people who rent motorbikes. These motorbikes have to come with drivers who will serve as guides. The planning is already prepared a few weeks ahead with the administrative team in Tana. In this planning, they should visit 3 villages during the week. Once they arrive in the first village, they meet with the local health worker. They talk about the preparation of the different trainings and practical arrangements like food and accomodation. Then, AiNA soa team pay a visit to local authorities such as mayors or traditional chiefs, as well as religious leaders and school headmasters. One training session will be for the community workers from the surrounding villages. These community workers are elected by their communities. They play a big role in the communities about health matters. When they are trained about first aid, they are expected to intervene in case of sicknesses or accidents in the village. Another session is for the community leaders who get an understanding of the basics of first aid. Dr Tahiry and his colleague stay for one day and half in this first village, then comes the time to move to the next one.

This is the typical proceeding during the visit of AiNA soa team in the rural health centers. In this process, the health workers are key people. It’s them who open the door for AiNA soa to the communities. And they are the ones who will continue the training later on. Their task is not light, as most of them are alone in the center.

Traveling between the villages is not that easy. During a previous trip to Vangaindrano, Tahiry had fallen twice from the motorbike due to muddy and slippery roads. As for other AiNA soa teams in Tsiroanomandidy, they have often heard gun shots or villages attacked by zebu thieves at night. 

AiNA soa is grateful for the courage of its team.