Blog 49 (23.02.2018)

Blog June 2018

Madagascar is a vast country. Villages are spread between the hills, among tallgrass prairies or by the tropical forests. While older villages are built on top of the hills, many people nowadays live closer to their fields. 

Wherever people live, AiNA soa wants them to know more about health and first aid. The knowledge is spread through the local health workers and the community workers right in the villages. From the beginning of this year, 2 districts benefit from the training from AiNA soa.

Tsiroanomandidy, in the region of Bongolava, is in the highlands. The main city is situated at 220 kilometers from Antananarivo. This region produces a big part of the staple food which is consumed all over the country. The big zebu business going on in that area makes the security very fragile, as groups of burglars (dahalo) may rise up to attack zebu owners in the villages. In the district, 34 health workers showed their interest to work with AiNA soa spreading the teaching.

The second district of intervention for AiNA soa is Vangaindrano at the South Eastern part of Madagascar. It takes 24 hours in the taxibrousse (the local bus transportation) to make the distance of 745 kilometers from Antananarivo to this city. As you advance, the long and bendy road displays a variety of scenery: rocky hills, flat agricultural area, green forests and not to forget the touristic area of Ranomafana. Among the health workers of the district, 37 welcome AiNA soa in the communities where they work.

Right outside the cities, the dirt roads start. When visiting the health centers, teams have to take a local bus, a motorbike or a bicycle. Otherwise, our courageous staffs have to walk to the reach the villages.

Maro’s testimony:

During our trip to Tsiroanomandidy, we saw in the eyes of the health workers the desire to learn. Whether they are doctors or paramedics, they said that first aid is a great asset for their work and an important help for the communities.