Blog 48 (18.02.2018)

Blog January 2018

The three year intervention of AiNA soa in the region of Alaotra Mangoro came to its end in December 2018. An assessment was carried out by our team. It revealed that the participants in the training (community workers and simple citizens) have grown in their knowledge and skills. Many of them intervened in accidents and sicknesses within their communities. Most interventions are about bleeding, musculo-skeletal injuries, unconsciousness and burns. The health workers and the community workers are continuing the regular training with the help of the book they already have in hand.

Here are 2 testimonies of community workers from the region:

-        After I attended the first aid training and read AiNA soa’s objectives in the book, my perspective has changed.  I am now motivated to help my fellow villagers and I feel more equipped to do it.
(community worker in Lavakianja, district of Anosibe An’Ala)

-        The topics in the book from AiNA soa are all very helpful. I feel like I have been given a Bible.
(Rakoto Robert, community worker in Ambalaomby, district of Anosibe An’Ala)

During three years, AiNA soa teams could attend 15 medical reviews and accomplished 20 trips to visit the remote health centres. Many of these trips were done on foot, some for up to 10 hours!

-        Dr. Sitraka from AiNA soa: “It was a good experience. We are encouraged to see that the communities appreciate the training given to the community workers and the local population”.

It is now time to reach other regions. The health leaders and health workers in 2 districts have shown their interest to work with AiNA soa to spread the useful knowledge about first aid. They are Tsiroanomandidy in the region of Bongolava and Vangaindrano in the region of Atsimo Atsinanana. They count about 70 health centres. Many of them are in hard to reach locations. It will be another step and new challenges for the team.

Another volunteer has come to join the team in Madagascar. Jacqueline Ribeli, a dietician from Switzerland will serve AiNA soa for 6 weeks. She was captivated by the country and its people during her first visit two years ago. So she decided to come back. Her skills are very useful as people need advice on how to make healthy foods with what is available locally.


As a new year starts, we anticipate our thankfulness to our present and future partners. We also wish for a fruitful collaboration during this year.