Blog 47 (20.11.2017)

Blog November 2017

Traveling months

The months of September and October were mostly travelling month for the teams of AiNA soa. Two teams visited the primary health centres (PHC) in the district of Anosibe An’Ala, Ambatondrazaka and Amparafaravola. Another team went to meet the PHC leaders in the district of Tsiroanomandidy and Vangaindrano. These are new districts which we want to reach in the year 2018. Training sessions with companies were held in Antananarivo and Ampefy. As usual, these trips are times of adventures and big encouragement for the health workers and community workers deep in the villages.

Rita, a nurse from Switzerland, came as a volunteer to work with us during 6 weeks. She is shares her impression: Our destination was Ambatondrazaka 270 km from Tana.  It is the capital city of the region Alaotra Mangoro. The secondary roads leading to Ambatondrazaka are quite an exciting motocross track. For the drivers, it’s a real challenge. But they are professionals; they know almost every hole and every stone on the way.

Then the motorcycle ride to visit the health centres in the villages: For me it was the first time, after years, to be on a motorcycle! It was quite fun. The problem was only, that we did not have any protection or helmet. I had no idea how long the journey would be. It is unbelievable, how the local people master these difficult roads.  Children with parents, heavy loaded, walking for hours or pushing bikes up the long steep way. No other alternative to reach their village.

Health care workers live and work in very difficult circumstances. One midwife works alone, in a small dark room with hardly any instruments and no running water!! The nearest source is at 4 km from there!!

I learned to adapt to what was available in the villages. At one stage, my stomach rebelled against the chicken and the rice. But I had to eat something, no choice, rice and chicken for four days in a row.

Nevertheless, during this mission I have met many wonderful people, and I have seen fantastic landscapes. These are unforgettable memories, even when I did come to my physical and psychological limits sometimes!!  Through my prayers in the sleepless nights, I have received strength and encouragement again and again, and experienced the height, the depth and the width of the love of the Lord like never before.

Two eventful marvelous months have come to an end. Two months that have shaped and enriched my life! They were rich in unique experiences with wonderful people with the same goal to make the lives of many people more valuable.