Blog 45 (31.07.2017)

Blog 2017 July

As the weather improved, AiNA soa’s teams are able to go to the regions. The visit of rural health centres of Alaotra Mangoro in this year started with the district of Andilamena, in the extreme North.  Natanaela took one of the new doctors, Tahiry with him. The other new doctor, Sitraka, stayed with his wife as she gave birth to a baby girl.  In the month of June, the three doctors went with Maro to visit the health centres in the district of Ambatondrazaka.

Laza attended the reviews in Amparafaravola, Ambatondrazaka and Andilamena to hear how the health workers are doing with the training of the community workers. Despite the fact that the rural health workers are by themselves in the centres, many make the effort to give first aid training to the community workers and local leaders. Stories of saved lives are shared and are very encouraging. You can read some of them below.

A new collaboration started in the month of May. We are now able to train the staff of the company LECOFRUIT in First Aid. LECOFRUIT exports canned fruits and vegetables. <s></s>

Daniella came back from her maternity leave. She has the responsibility for the training in Antananarivo, while the other doctors do the training in the bush. She and her little daughter are adapting well to the new situation.

Encouraging stories from the field (Alaotra Mangoro):

  • at the beginning of this year the cyclone Enawo has caused big floods in the village of Ambohitsilaozana, district of Ambatondrazaka. The local doctor shared that, without the teaching about preparedness to disasters and first aid, many lives would have been lost. The only person who died in the village was a lady who had a heart attack when she saw the big flood.
  • One person in the village of Andrebakely Nord - district of Amparafaravola – felt a sudden uneasiness, lost consciousness and stopped breathing. A person who previously attended the first training by AiNA soa did cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The patient started to breathe again and was brought to the health centre for further treatment.
  • The villagers in Amparafaravola are interested to learn more about first aid. When they heard about the first aid manual by AiNA soa, they went to the health centre to read and learn from it.
  • With the understanding of first aid, more villagers are sent to the health care centers in time and have a better chance to survive.