Blog 44 (06.05.2017)

How do you eat an elephant? We do it one bite at a time.

The rural area of Madagascar is huge, and the needs are great just to mention the area of health. In order to have a wider reach, AiNA soa is developing partnership with different actors. These partners are not necessarily specialized in health but have the motivation to be a channel of change. The Adventist Scout is one of such organizations. They have 39.000 members including 8.500 leaders spread in different regions of Madagascar. AiNa soa has started to train trainers from this organization this year. Two sessions have been held since February, one in Antsirabe and one in Tsiroanomandidy. Those who were trained will lead training sessions for their members. They are pastors, teachers, farmers, office workers, students who want to make a difference in their region.

As the rainy season is coming to its end, the teams from AiNA soa are preparing to visit again the districts and the health centres in Alaotra Mangoro. These visits offer the opportunities to encourage and assist our local collaborators: the health workers and the community workers. We want to support them in their role as agents of change in their respective communities.

Our team has increased in number. Two new doctors, Tahiry and Sitraka, are in training for the work. For the moment, Dr Daniella is on maternity leave after the birth of her and Maro’s little girl, Hannah.

Testimony of Nathalie: At AiNA soa, I am in charge of secretarial works and organizing training sessions. From day to day, AiNA soa is a growing place for me. The tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to me are opportunities to achieve my goal: to be a professional in administration.


I am glad to serve the Malagasy population through the Vonjy Aina project. Gratitude, understanding, planning, quality, discipline, efficiency, perseverance and productivity are values ​​I have acquired at AiNA soa during this time. The strength of the team remains in the quality of the leaders who are accompanying and advising.