Blog 46 (27.09.2017)

Blog 2017 August

AiNA soa prepares for a new stage

The year 2018 will be a sign of change for AiNA soa since we will target other regions after Alaotra Mangoro. Previously, the Melaky region was designated by the Ministry of Health. Yet local officials have found it better for them to focus on other priorities.

The team considered two new regions: Bongolava and Atsimo Atsinanana. A visit to these regions was carried out last July. Nicole Imboden, the president of the organization, who was visiting Madagascar was part of the trip.

It was an opportunity to show regional health officials and leaders of private organizations present the training activities organized by AiNA soa. The training sessions led by Doctor Tahiry, with his talent as animator, seduced the audience. These local officials expressed interest in working with AiNA soa.

To go 700 kilometers in Madagascar, it takes about 17 hours of time. In one part of our journey, it took 4 hours by all-terrain vehicle to make a distance of 45 kilometers. It is a challenge for foreigners but it is the reality for the Malagasy.

The Nicole’s visit was a moment of encouragement for the team to be more productive and efficient in this new phase. The sharing sessions took place in a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Jimmy’s sharing

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. AiNA soa is a place of inspiration where everyone can grow alongside the others in the team. For myself, I’ve learned a lot about time concern. Time is very crucial in here and your work plan has to go with it. This is absolutely fine for me because the efficient use of time is one of the biggest development factors that lack in our country. One thing we always hear: “if you want to bring change, start with yourself to be an example for others”.