Blog 42 (16.09.2016)

Going deeper in the forest

As we continue to work in the region of Alaotra Mangoro, we extend our collaboration with other local actors like traditional chiefs, church leaders and teachers. They are also keys when working within a community as they are respected and have influence on the local people. Regional leaders of a big church denomination are eager to be trained and to spread the health messages. They understand that helping people to be healthy is also a mission of the church.  The local leaders will collaborate with the health worker in their area to organize the training sessions.

In August, our teams went to Anosibe An’Ala to visit health centers, to coach the health workers and to follow up the training process. It is one of the most difficult places to reach in Madagascar, as outside the district capital there is no road at all, no telephone signals. Villages are spread among narrow valleys and high mountains. People have to walk for many hours, or even one day to reach the closest health center or a market place.

Let us hear Dr Natanaela’s experience in the deep forest:


Our mission in the villages of Anosibe An’Ala was special. The long walks were tiring, many ups and downs, no luggage carriers at some point, many river crossings because the wood bridges were broken. Nevertheless, our eyes enjoyed beautiful landscapes, our bodies practiced some exercises and we got kind guides. Even busy as the only worker on-site, most of the health workers are open for cooperation, they are motivated and courageous. Local community leaders showed great respect to us. They wanted to welcome us with dance and music as it is for a VIP! The communities have their own social organization which works well. I have the hope that the most changes from AiNA soa’s intervention will happen in these difficult places.