Blog 41  (24.03.2016)

First aid knowledge is spreading

As we look back over the last year, we can rejoice of the fact that first aid knowledge is spreading and it has started to reach remote places in Madagascar. Different categories of people could benefit from AiNA soa’s training:

In the region of Alaotra Mangoro, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, 175 rural health workers had their knowledge on first aid refreshed. They also received instructions on how and when to train the community workers with the help of our manual. Working alongside the local health workers and officers, we could initiate the training of 849 community workers on the principles of first aid. They are active in their respective communities and willing to intervene in case of accidents or sicknesses. Community workers and the health worker in charge of the area have arranged regular meetings to discuss about topics in the book. A field visit of 503 community workers was accomplished by our teams.

51 students at the INSPC - National Institute of Public and Community Health – also received training from us. They are people who will work in different sectors related to health: administration, hospitals and health centers as well as NGOs and private companies. As AiNA soa finds it beneficial in the long term to strengthen the system in place, we could train 2 trainers from the Institute to take over the subject. They already started to teach at the end of 2015.

Children and young people have to be protected, especially at school where they spend most of their day time. AiNA soa started to train teachers and school officers about first aid. 65 of them were trained during the course of 2015.

Some private companies see the need to train their workers to take appropriate actions when facing accidents. Staff members of Adonis and Colas, companies working respectively in waste management and construction participated actively in training sessions led by AiNA soa.

Churches are at a very good position to bring about change in the communities as they can work in many areas of human lives. Through the collaboration with a Pastor who leads a network of churches in the remotest part of the island, the training on first aid for 50 church representatives was accomplished.

To facilitate the delivery of the training, the Ministry of Health has asked AiNA soa to produce a training curriculum to be used by the different actors. The preparation of this curriculum before its validation is in process at the moment.

As for the current year, we are expecting that the knowledge on first aid go deeper in the communities as the community workers get more acquainted with the first aid manuals with the help of the health workers.  This is why we continue to work in the same region of Alaotra Mangoro this year. On the other hand, we are also expanding our existing network with companies, school directorates and organizations like the scouts who are present in many villages.


A word from Laza Andriatiana: Compared to the ocean of challenges in the country, we feel like what we have accomplished so far is drops of water. However, it is not insignificant. What makes it more important is the hearts which propelled the actions: the zeal of the staff (past and present), the trust of the board, the generosity of the supporters, the willingness of many public officers and local actors, and the love of God Almighty. To everyone, I say Thank you very much!