Blog 43 (09.12.2016)

AiNA soa reaches far away communities!

The goal to reach the communities from the inside out receives more and more acceptance in the region of Alaotra Mangoro. The community workers realize how valuable AiNA soa’s training is. They find the topics covered in the first aid book useful and practical.  The big issue about payment is not raised anymore, as it is accepted that there is no payment for reason of sustainability. In this acceptance, we see people understand the way AiNA soa changes the health situation in the communities from the inside out.  The health care workers, our direct partners, are digging more and more into the vision of AiNA soa, even when their workload is high and no extra payment can be expected.  

The off-road vehicle, sponsored by the Rotary Aarau, Switzerland is a great help for our team. No more long hours of waiting for the taxi-brousse to fill up. The trips can be better planned and the team travels more comfortably, which helps them to be more productive.  

To our team two new team members are added: Maro, who is married to Daniella and has been a volunteer before.  He joined us now in the position of an assistant Project leader. He is in the training to run the next project. Maro is also a careful driver who is appreciated during the trips.  Rado, is our part time technician. He is doing the maintenance of the cars and computers. He produces audio and video teaching materials. We are glad to have these two trustworthy and capable men in our team. 

Lately, our doctors had the opportunity to sharpen their skills. They followed a training offered at the National Institute for Public Health (INSPC) to be certified trainers. The acquired skills will allow them to improve our training sessions as well as our teaching materials. Very important as well, they are now officially qualified to be trainers in Madagascar. 

Ioly’sharing: In our society, many people are struggling as they do not know how to react in case of      mothers are helpless when their children are sick. Many believe that when the source of a fever is unknown, it is a result of a witch. As a solution, they consult witchdoctors. 

In case someone is unconscious or has a fit, they may throw a few green leaves on the patient or put silver jewelries on him or her. Many are so afraid that they walk away and leave the patient alone. Even in the capital city of Antananarivo you can see people react this way. The lack of knowledge in our society is so large that AiNA soa’s teaching has the power to change and gives help to people to be less helpless.

I just want to emphasize that first aid training and basic medical knowledge is very much needed here in Madagascar. We are very thankful to all of you who help us to spread this knowledge. Thank you.