Staff of AiNA soa

Nicole Imboden, medical team leader

Helping, training and empowering the team of AiNA soa are my priorities. Since Laza Andriatiana has taken the lead, I try to concentrate on my main task - teaching. So far the first phase of implementation has succeeded and with it the transfer to the new director but I still support and guide in major decisions. This is possible through a deep running friendship and mutual respect.

I am very happy with the team: they all are friendly, reliable and willing to learn which makes working together fun. 

To you my sincere thanks, as we can work for Madagascar since you support us. Misaotra - thank you.

Laza Andriatiana, Director

AiNA soa is for me an implementation of common ideas that have evolved over many years of friendship. When Nicole led her first team to Madagascar in 1996, they stayed in my hometown. By now the ideas have taken forms and a small plant is growing. I'm happy to be part of the team which will raise this plant. AiNA soa is a valuable platform where I can apply my skills and new opportunities develop. With us in the field, with you as supporters on our side, with God's blessing, we hope to touch many lives and change them for good.

Ioly Andriatiana, HR manager

My name is Ioly Andriatiana; I have two daughters (Lilia, born in 2004 and Irina, in 2012) and I am married to Laza. I work for the following reasons in the project: I see the importance of improving the health situation in Madagascar; I also want to see the Malagasy being happy and in good health.

I appreciate Nicole, who brought boldly the project to Madagascar, and all of you who support this project. I believe that we can make a difference and change lives.

Maro Randrianangaly, Assistant Management (Leading board)

My name is Ramaromahalasa RANDRIANANGALY, or simply Maro. I'm married to Daniella, a training doctor at AiNA soa. Since this year we have a wonderful little girl. I have worked as a management assistant and also responsible for the cars since June 2016. I am saddened by the poverty and especially the health conditions in my country. With AiNA soa, I am committed to the spread of basic knowledge on first aid so that every Malagasy citizen knows what to do in case of illness and accident, as well as the necessary prevention. "Helping people to help each other" is a kind of help wich I like to develop more in my  professional and personal life I want to give the maximum in the work so to contribute to the development of the Malagasy people.

Dr. Daniella Raheliarisoa, doctor

AiNA soa’s vision to help people suits me because I also want to help. I’m glad to join the team of AiNA soa and I appreciate that I work with them. My husband and I also have the vision to build a social center where we can help suffering people. But for now, AiNA soa is the best place to start.  My motivation to work for AiNA soa is also pushed by Nicole’s desire to help Malagasy even we are not her countrymen. I thought why not me – so now I’m part of the team and can help my fellow Malagasy. Apart from that, I like to teach. That’s why I enjoy my work and I’m motivated.

Natanaela Randriambola, Doctor

My name is Natanaela RANDRIAMBOLA. As a citizen who really loves his country, I have the passion to help people develop. Also, I like the saying "prevention is better than cure". The work of the NGO AiNA soa is to make known to people the basic knowledge of health. The goal is that every Malagasy citizen is able to know what must be done to have a good health condition. We do it through communication and training. So AiNA soa is for me an opportunity to put my passion into practice. I am proud and feel seated at my favorite place working with a team with good motivation.

Tahiry Tahiriniaina, Médecin

My name is Tiana Tahiriniaina Angelos JOSSO, I am called Tahiry. I am 36 and I am a Christian, married and a father of one son. As a servant of God, I’m here with AiNA soa to do the mission in Jeremiah 1 :10 which says: “ I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant.” It’s a calling and a vision for me as a training doctor.  Here is an opportunity for me to help people, so that they can rebuild a new vision and make a difference into the society or the community especially for the future (a new system and a new generation). Jesus loves me and may peace be with you.

Sirtraka Andrianjafimbelo, Doctor

I am Sitraka Nomena ANDRIANJAFIMBELO, called Sitraka, married and father of a little girl. I am one of the medical trainers within AINA soa. This is a great opportunity for me to contribute to the improvement of health in Madagascar and to be able to transmit the basic knowledge of health, especially in the bush where ignorance still remains a great burden. My dream is that we can fill the lack of information and first aid training in our community so that people can take care of themselves and help each other. This is also our motto at AINA soa.

Jimmy Ralison, Acoountant

Hello, my name is Jimmy Ralison and I am 24 years old.  I work in AiNA soa as a part time accountant.

I'm proud being a part of the team and it is a privilege for me to participate in the development of this organization. Even as a child I dreamed of working in an organization that helps people. It was always a concern to help others, so I wanted to make it my profession. Now, I am here.  I will do my best for the success of AiNA soa. Thanks a lot to you all who support us financially or practically, God will bless you.

Rado Rodison, Technician

My name is Radoniaina Sergio RODISON or Rado. I am married and have 3 children (two boys and one girl). I have worked with AiNA soa since July 2016 as a computer technician. I like what I'm doing, as I can make a difference with my technical knowledge so that we can accomplish our mission. I can also bring influence by producing effective educational tools. I want to contribute to the NGO’s main goal to train all Malagasy to a better life and to avoid unnecessary death. I am grateful for my work with AiNA soa. Thank you.