Board of AiNA soa

President: Nicole Imboden

The story of AiNA soa is to a bigger part my story.  I started the project out of a deep conviction that this is something I had to do.  If I do not at least try, I was sure; I would always regret it. 

As a background I bring 18 years of nursing experience and 10 of it I worked in emergency wards. Cumulated I have stayed 5 years in Africa and worked in different projects.  Since the end of 2010, I can also work as a social worker.  This background and all the experiences in the different fields helped me to start the work of AiNA soa. 


I am greatly blessed through the people who came alongside AiNA soa and me. Only with the help of so many was it able to raise AiNA soa and make it to a tool for the Malagasy. My deepest thanks go to all of you, who have given so much of your time, thoughts, encouragement, care, money, prayer and trust. I wish you could see and receive the thanks through the sparkles in the eyes of the ones we teach. THANK YOU! 

Administrator: Evelyn Hoene

I am born on the 5 of May 1980. I am married and mother of two daughters born 2007 and 2010. I work part time in the hospital as a nurse.

AiNA soa excites me as I can see that the help given reaches directly the people in Madagascar. It is impressive to see that even through the pilot project, lives have been saved. 

Auditor Rosmarie Junker

I am a happily married and a mother of three grown sons. As a nurse I work in a hospital in Bern.

During a 4-week break last year, I traveled to Madagascar and got to know AiNA soa. The valuable work done and the commitment of Nicole and the Malagasy team left a big impression.
I am convinced that it is important and necessary to pass on first aid knowledge.
I look forward to be part of the board and support the work. 

Anke Schmocker, social worker and pastoral assistant.

I am married with Heinz and I currently foster two children. 

I support AiNA soa as their help reaches the people in the villages. Helping people to help themselves is effective and has a long term perspective. What in our culture is "normal" to know about health care is in Madagascar (yet) the exception. Therefore, it is valuable and important to pass this "basic knowledge": simple, understandable and workable.

Christof Jauslin, Team leader of Civil Engineering

I care about people. I was able to witness the emergence of AiNA soa. I think it's a good work and I support Nicole as a friend since she is in it with her full heart and soul.

Doris Smonig, housewife and teacher

I am married, have two children (b. 2007 and 2010) and a few pets. I appreciate our privileged life in the countryside and being with family and friends. My work with the students is on most days a pleasure, and if I have time I relish my hobby - writing.

Since I know Nicole, I admire her determination and her dedication to people who do not live on the sunny side of live. With my commitment I want to support her and AiNA soa as best as I can.

Jacqueline Ribeli

Gemeinsam mit meinem Mann Christian reiste ich im Sommer 2015 das erste Mal nach Madagaskar. Die Menschen auf dieser riesigen Insel sind mir seither sehr ans Herz gewachsen. Nach meiner Ausbildung zur Ernährungsberaterin lernte ich Nicole kennen und konnte dadurch im Januar/Februar 2018 einen freiwilligen Einsatz im Team von AiNA soa machen. Es begeisterte mich zu sehen, mit wie viel Power und Liebe alle im Team daran arbeiten, den Mitmenschen in Madagaskar Wissen über Erste Hilfe und weitere Gesundheitsthemen zu vermitteln. Daher freut es mich umso mehr, dass ich mich weiterhin für AiNA soa engagieren darf.