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First aid

The first aid project is the focus of the work of AiNA soa for the moment. Therefore, there is much more information available than about Pro Work or Kangaroo. Under the "News" tab, a brief overview of the project goals is presented in PowerPoint format. Detailed project reports are also available.

Here is an overview of the main ideas and objectives:
The starting point of this project is the desire to empower Malagasy to act properly towards everyday health problems and to provide first aid in emergency situations. Health care should be improved at the base, in the villages, with trained community workers. It has been repeatedly stated that suffering and death could be significantly reduced by simple actions which are well-known in the Western world but not yet in Madagascar. 

The project objective is to teach health workers so that they can train the community workers. The focus of the project is therefore on training. Last year (2014) we experienced that the health care workers agreed that the training of the community workers is needed and that they could do it, but we have not found them taking action. As we assessed what is needed for them to train the community workers we have found that money is a motivator or a clear decree from the Ministry of Health.  Money cannot be the solution as there is none available and if it is organized from outside, the dependency is deepened.  The Ministry of Health has realized that implementation without any ownership of the population is not sustainable. Therefore AiNA soa’s intervention was welcomed and supported. To see the effect of a decree and the intervention of AiNA soa, one region was chosen to launch a pilot project. At the end of 2015 the pilot project will be evaluated and optimistically seen as valued. AiNA soa hopes that the Ministry of health takes over and sees that the whole island is reached with the first aid knowledge provided in the books of AiNA soa. Besides, since the beginning of 2014, AiNA soa has provided first aid training at the Institut National de Santé Publique et Communautaire (INSPC), which is the public nursing institute. AiNA soa teaches first aid in the different advanced classes of INSPC.  

So far we were not able to connect with the University and the Red Cross. AiNA soa keeps trying to find ways to work together with these two big institutions. The best would be when all the players could agree on certain first aid procedures to give more securities. 


The training books in Malagasy have been printed and handed out to the first group. They are also available online on our website and free for everyone to download.  AiNA soa aims for the best material and is constantly improving the books.  If you like to help us to improve, please contact us. 

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