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General donations are used up to 90% for AiNA soa. The other 10% are given to smaller organizations and charities who are directly working for people’s emotional, spiritual and mental needs. We believe that deep change in the country can only come when the mindset of people changes. Therefore we support organizations having this focus as they are partnering up with development work on a bigger picture. If the donation is not specified, 10% will be passed on.  If this is a problem please contact us directly.

In Switzerland the donations can be deducted from taxes. Following is the regulation:

Voluntary financial contributions and other assets to AiNA soa can be tax deducted if the grant reaches CHF 100 per tax period  (§ 40 lit. K StG and Art. 33a DBG). The deduction may not exceed 20% of net income (§ 40 lit. K StG and Art. 33a DBG) ". (Decree from 09.02.2012 concerning tax exemption, p 4, para. V., Department of Finance and Resources, Aargau Cantonal Tax Office).

As mentioned above, the donations are not used for expatriate staff. Nicole Imboden, as so far, is the only expatriate from a high income country. She takes care of her own living expenses. 

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