Pro work

Pro Work

To be included in Pro Work, a commitment to charitable activity must be seen. This can be like Mamisoa in the care of older people, or like Marianne working with children on the street. Nirina and his wife operate a radio station and train people through this. So there are many more who are engaged in an impressive way, but often are not paid. AiNA soa takes into the program only people we know and trust. Personal contact between the charity worker and the sponsor is encouraged. 

Malagasy who are integrated with Pro Work will be supported on a monthly basis. The donations received are collected and transferred every three months to the recipients. Individuals and married couples receive respectively CHF 50 to CHF 100 per month. Hopefully, the amount can be increased, but the financial means are lacking at the moment.

This way of supporting is effective and relevant as the change comes from the inside out directly from the Malagasy. It is also very cost effective as no money is paid towards bureaucracy.  The Malagasy can help in ways they think is most valued and can take ownership in their society.