Mission statement

Mission statement

People helping people. People will be enabled to help others. This is the main purpose of the non-governmental organization AiNA soa. The NGO’s focus is on training and supporting individuals so that they can teach others and help to develop the society from the inside out. AiNA soa sees itself as a Christian development and project community in the service for Madagascar. AiNA soa is translated: precious life.   


Through first aid training of volunteers (community workers) the health situation will be significantly improved in the rural villages. The health care workers are trained by AiNA soa, so that in a multiplication and cascade system the community workers will be taught by the health care workers. Currently, the focus is in the health sector. In the future, interventions in the field of water, food and self-sufficiency are not excluded.

The NGO is based on Christian values. Life is precious. These values ​​should be visible in all that AiNA soa does. This includes an open error culture: Mistakes happens; only not to improve the fault is stupid. Besides, gender equality is respected. Women and men have the same rights.

AiNA soa is anchored in the constitution of Switzerland as an association and registered in Madagascar as an NGO. Based on the objectives in all levels of the organization, training is a center point. At first, ​​management is kept light but will be expanded according the growth of the organization.

The staff of AiNA soa
They are the key to success in what AiNA soa is accomplishing. The staff is given responsibility according to their training and development potential. Malagasy employees are paid a middle class salary.

Now Glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.  Ephesians 3:20